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Approximately 12 kilometers from Home Hotels we find Aidone, a city located in the center of Sicily at approximately 850 meters above sea level. The small town offers a bird’s eye view of the Piana di Catania, Mount Etna and the Erei Mountains. The Aidone territory, rich in woodlands, shares the spectacular Parco Ronza reserve with the cities of Piazza Armerina and Enna. In the Aidone countryside one can admire ancient farm structures and, bordering the province of Catania, the Ogliastro Lake.
Aidone is the headquarters of an important archeological site: Morgantina and its Venus. The latter is a Greek statue of inestimable worth dating to the V century before Christ, which was restored to its land of origin in 2011.
Besides visiting the archeological site of Morgantina and its Museum, one may continue sightseeing by visiting the medieval castle of Pietratagliata, situated in the old town center, and its many churches.
Aidone is a city of wonders, and stopping to gaze upon it helps us to understand how much history you can take in.



The archeological digs of Morgantina extend over a small valley and the two hills surrounding it. Here we find the Agora, a small Greek Theater and, on the northern hill, some mosaics sheltered from the elements.
The importance of the archeological site of Morgantina is not only tied in with its discovery, but also with the discovery of precious finds and architectural structures which allowed us to analyze the relationship between Sicilian indigenous communities and the Greeks which colonized inland Sicily.
The ruins and finds trace the city’s history, which archeologists define as “Sicilian-Hellenized”. The digs have brought to light the Agora, which is built on two levels, Hellenistic villas with traces of lovely mosaics, the roman macellum (market), the kilns for baking ceramics, the Greek theater and the ekklesiasterion, a building where city assemblies were held.
Unfortunately, archeologists weren’t the first to discover the marvels of the polis of Morgantina. Grave robbers clandestinely recovered precious finds, amoung which a splendid statue of Aphrodite dating to the V century, which was illegally exported and subsequently put on display at the Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, together with 15 precious Hellenistic artifacts. Later they were exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum in New York and, after long negotiations, were brought back to Aidone, their city of origin, in 2011.
Today, as then, Morgantina displays all its extraordinary beauty and the marvels of the past.


The Venus

The famous Venus, a Greek sculpture dating to the V century before Christ, stolen 30 years ago from Aidone, its place of origin, was purchased by the Paul Getty Museum in Malibu.
In 2011, after a long negotiation, the Venus or Goddess of Morgantina was returned to the region of Sicily together with other important works such as the Acroliths of Demeter and Kore and the 15 Silver pieces. Today the Goddess is displayed in the Archeological Museum in Aidone, which houses the splendid finds of the Sicilian-Greek-Hellenistic site of Morgantina.
The return of the Goddess, stolen by grave robbers in the late 70’s, has generated great interest all over the world. The most striking part of the account was its history, its journey and the happy ending of its return home, in “its” Sicily. Welcomed in a celebratory fashion by its city, by its region of origin, it is now exhibited in the museum of Aidone, just a few kilometers from the two renowned archeological sites: Morgantina and the “Villa Romana del Casale” of Piazza Armerina.
These are jewels of inestimable artistic/cultural value; a heritage which writes the course of our history.

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