The Real Estate Development Vecchie Tegole (old roof tiles), which was established in 2008, has chosen to enhance the Old Town Center, salvage and improve the urban and architectural heritage of the City of Piazza Armerina, in the province of Enna, and has built vacation homes – HOME HOTELS, classified as an integrated multi-building accommodation by the Associazione Nazionale Albergo Diffuso AD.

Its objectives are:
• inclusion in the international tourism circuit;
• awareness and enhancement of the hinterland;
• re-discovery of the peasant culture;
• safeguarding and conservation of its food and wine;
• commercial valorization of typical products;
• characterization of “flavour” and aroma” itineraries.

Salvage and restoration

The initiative aims to create newer, more adequate and functional hospitality structures.
Besides tourism hospitality in general, above all through salvaging and improving the functional characteristics of the urban and architectural heritage.

Thus far we have:
• enhanced the old town center of Piazza Armerina, one of the most fascinating Sicilian town centers of great artistic and architectural interest;
• salvaged and enhanced old edifices which were closed, dilapidated and abandoned for years;
• avoided the creation of newer constructions in order to develop tourism receptivity.

The creation of integrated multi-building accommodations

This new type of hospitality structure was developed for those who do not like traditional hotels, because it establishes itself as a new hospitality model which is “part home and part hotel” as all its components are placed in different buildings located in the old town center of Piazza Armerina.
Unlike the “vertical” structure of traditional hotels, it has a “horizontal” structure because it is prevalent in an urban context which enables guests to: SOJOURN in the city’s ancient homes which are rich in history and culture, live in contact with the residents, feel a part of the neighborhood and share its customs and traditions.

Utilizing urban buildings of great architectural worth:
• rooms intended for overnight stay (APARTMENTS);
• rooms intended as common areas (relaxation room, reading room, TV room);
• rooms intended as common service areas (reception, welcome area, Internet room, display with typical products).

Benefit from normal and traditional HOSPITALITY AMENITIES, such as a RECEPTION which is open 8 hours a day
and an EMERGENCY SERVICE available 24/7.

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