Home Hotels, an integrated multi-building accommodation, began from the desire to salvage and improve ancient edifices, thus restoring the splendor and value of the old town center’s artistic/cultural heritage, as well as enabling tourism development in the city of Piazza Armerina. Home Hotels are an innovation in tourism and hospitality, granting guests the opportunity to sojourn in some of the city’s historical edifices and become an integral part of the neighborhood, sharing in its customs and traditions.

Home Hotels is composed of four homes and each home is made up of two or more suites.
The Home Hotel Suites, which are situated throughout the old town center, have a centralized headquarters where guests are received (Reception). All the edifices have been completely refurbished through a painstaking restoration, and the rooms, which were designed with sober furniture in mind, are equipped with every modern convenience to make your stay even more pleasant.

Go for a stroll through the alleys of the Four Medieval Districts: they are fascinating, evocative and rich in history with their palazzi, the imposing Duomo which dominates the city, the Castle Aragonese, the Palazzo Trigona della Floresta, an influential sample of Baroque civil architecture, and the Archeological Museum, which displays the archeological finds discovered in the Villa Romana del Casale; the bishop’s palazzo, the Churches, the Convents, the Commendam of the Knights of Malta and the Art Gallery.

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Piazza Armerina Ragazze in bikini Palio dei Normanni

The city’s old town center is a place waiting to be discovered, to be experienced. Here can you take in and appreciate the city’s history thanks to its many Renaissance and Baroque monuments; the streets and time-weathered stone walls all make for a unique and stirring landscape.

To complete the artistic/cultural works, about 5 kilometers away in the outskirts of the town we find the enchanting Villa Romana del Casale, which has been recently acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage. The Villa Imperiale del Casale in Piazza Armerina boasts 60 rooms and 3,500 square meters of floor mosaics dating back to Roman times.

Another of Armerino’s famous attractions is the Norman Palio, an event where the four medieval districts compete for the Banner of the city’s patron saint, Maria SS. delle Vittorie, during the mid-August holiday.


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